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Voters approved TWO replacement levies to support learning, maintain safe schools and ensure students have access to educational technology

Local vs state funding.png.png

The local EP&O levy makes it possible to have 56 additional, professional adults working with students to inspire learning and maintain safety. For example, the state pays for only TWO nurses to respond to health needs of more than 9,000 students in 15 schools. The levy pays for School Resource Officers and other school security and safety measures. 

Lower local school tax rate

Starting in 2023, when these two levies are collected, property owners will pay a LOWER LOCAL SCHOOL TAX rate than they have in the last five years!

tax history and projections.png.png

Promises made; promises kept!

Voter info in 2022 "projected" 2023's local school levy tax rate at $4.40. Because property assessments increased, the rate property owners are paying in 2023 to support local schools is lower than projected -- $3.56 per $1,000 of each property's value. 

16 cents of every school $1
comes from
local levies.

Local levies help fill the gap between what the state funds and what it takes to provide our communities' children a full and rich learning experience, safe, secure, and well-maintained schools.

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