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WHO IS "YesSnohomish?"

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Also known, as YesSnohomish!, Citizens for Snohomish Schools campaigns for “yes” votes on school district bonds and levies.  Formed 30 years ago by parents and community members, the all-volunteer group's mantra is "Strong schools mean strong communities."


In February 2022 voters said “yes” to two critical finance issues – a Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy and a Replacement Levy for Technology, Safety and Facility Improvements.

Ensuring all our neighbors and families know about school finance issues requires funds for mailing, posters, signs, and today's electronic media. Donate today to help run future community-centered campaigns so accurate information is available to everyone.

Volunteers welcome! Do you like to write? Do you enjoy sharing info on social media? Do you like meet new people to talk about schools? Would you like to get your neighbors together to learn how important school levies are? Contact us to share your interests and how you would like to help.

Like you, we know strong schools mean strong communities. Working together, we advocate for school construction bonds and levies. Together, your support and YES votes on school finance issues ensures local funding for local schools, continuing full and rich education in safe, secure, and well maintained schools.




Strong schools mean strong communities.

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