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Both levies on the Feb 8, 2022 ballot are replacement levies; they are not new levies or new taxes. Both existing levies expire at the end of 2022. Washington State school districts ask local residents to approve levies filling the gap between what it costs to provide a fully rounded and safe education in well-maintained schools for our communities' children and what those actual costs are.


For example, many schools need new roofs, upgraded heating, and HVAC systems, siding and pick-up and drop-off improvements.  The state does not pay for these facilities upgrades, and the longer those projects languish, the more expensive they become in the long run.

The levies enrich and underpin programs for special education, vocational programs, and help for excelling and struggling students. Local levies pay for more than 56 highly-qualified educators and school staff and help the district attract and retain people dedicated to student learning –– the "people power" necessary to prepare students to be learned, responsible, contributing citizens of the future.

State funding for safety is inadequate. The state pays for fewer than TWO school security staff. Local levies pay for SRO's and other school safety measures. The state pays for fewer than TWO nurses for 15 schools in the district. Local levies pay for 11 more. 

The state pays NOTHING for after-school activities. Local levies pay for all sports, after-school sessions for struggling and excelling students, clubs, drama, the Book Cafè,  summer school, and ACT tests. 

School levies make up the difference between the actual cost of educating students in safe and secure schools and what Washington state pays for that cost. In Snohomish, funds from the two Feb 8, 2022 levies pay about 16 cents of every dollar needed for our communities' children to have full and rich learning experiences in safe and secure, well-maintained neighborhood schools. 

Ensuring all our neighbors and families know about the two levies on the Feb 8, 2022 ballot requires funds for mailing, posters, signs, and today's electronic media. Donate today to help run a community-centered campaign so accurate information is available to everyone.

Volunteers welcome! Do you like to write? Do you enjoy sharing info on social media? Do you like meet new people to talk about schools? Would you like to get your neighbors together to learn how important school levies are? Contact us to share your interests and how you would like to help.

Like you, we know strong schools mean strong communities. Working together, we advocate for school construction bonds and levies. Together, your support and YES vote on Feb 8, 2022 will renew local funding for local schools, continuing full and rich education in safe, secure, and well maintained schools –– what we all want for our students.

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Local levies help fill the gap between what the state funds and what it takes to provide our communities' children a full and rich learning experience, safe, secure, and well-maintained schools.


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