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The lessons are virtual; the learning is real

The lessons are virtual, but the learning is real, and both underpinned by the tech levy

In Sept. 2020 Snohomish High School manufacturing teacher Matt Johnson explained how his students are learning vocational skills in spite of the pandemic and because Snohomish School District and Washington state have invested in technology that supports remote learning.

“The joy of teaching Career and Technical Education — in my case manufacturing — through the Core Plus Aerospace curriculum is that I get to watch students come alive through hands-on learning.

“When my students learn how to rivet or explain the physical properties of materials, they are applying math, science and English concepts in a way that engages them. Every day they develop skills that will enable them to graduate with options, whether they want to enter the workforce, college, an apprenticeship or the military.”

Read Mr. Johnson’s full story on the Daily Herald website.

On Feb 8, 2022, voters have the chance to RENEW two school levies. This funding continues, among other things, funding which underpins vocational, special education and general ed programs so students have access to educational technology and highly qualified educators to inspire student learning and future success.

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