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On Feb 8, 2022, residents vote to continue local school funding

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

On Dec. 8, 2021, Snohomish School District Board of Education voted to ask voters to renew 2 educational levy issues at the ballot box on Feb. 8, 2022 ballot. The resulting total local school levy, including BOTH of these issues will be less than what voters have paid to support schools since 2018.

Prop 1 -- The Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) will continue to fill in what the state does not pay to fully fund local education – about 12 percent of the Snohomish School District budget. This includes 56 more caring educational professionals than the state makes possible for our schools. Each Snohomish school has a nurse; the state pays for fewer than 2 full time nursers for our 15 schools. The EP&O levy makes School Resource Officers (SROs) possible and pays for additional security measures to keep students, staff and the public safe. Our schools are kept cleaner and safer because the levy allows the district to hire 4 more than the state pays for. EP&O funding underpins all educational programs, including vocational and special education.

Prop 2 is a Replacement Levy for Technology, Safety & Facility Improvements. This levy will continue regular school maintenance, including roofs and siding and HVAC system upgrades. It will improve school safety with new and upgraded security cameras, improved pick-up and drop-off access at school entrances, playground improvements and upgrades for portable classrooms. Prop 2 will also maintain access to educational technology students need to prepare for their futures.

More information about the board’s actions, and the Feb. 8, 2022 ballot issues is on the district website.

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